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Funny movie

Monday, September 29th, 2008

“Uncle Buck,” the John Candy comedy made in 1989, is a funny movie. Don’t take my word for it — ask fellow blogger Joni Bowen (Web Savvy) who recently viewed the film for the first time (I loaned her my copy). A pre-”Home Alone” McCaulay Caulkin steals every scene he’s in. One of the best scenes of the movie, Caulkin’s character Miles Russell grills his Uncle Buck in Joe Friday fashion when Buck is called to babysit Miles and his two sisters when their parents are called out of town in a family emergency. Another winner is Miles’ birthday party and the giant pancakes Buck makes, flipping them with a snow shovel (mmmm….pancakes…). The scene involving Buck, the assistant principal and a wart is funny, too.

Check out the movie if you’ve never scene it.