4. One for the Books 2012


“One for the Books” is the book column I write for the Record-Courier. Here are links to the columns for 2012:

Animals with tales to tell

Local books, sports and eye-poppers
Great holiday gifts for readers of all ages

Festive Reads
A Literary Trip to Modern-Day England

NOTE: Because of the new website, the links below are now unusable. BUT if you go to Google and type in Mary Louise Ruehr and the title of the column, a link should appear. OR change “com” to “net” in the URL. – M.L.

“Anything Can Happen in a Garden”

War … What Is it Good for?
Graphic Novels for Young People

Discover More for Intelligent Kids



“Downton Abbey” books

Learning Is Fun

Seeing “Red”


Olympic Fever

Kitties and Puppies

Novels That Are Hard to Put Down

Nuns in Fiction

Separate from the World

A Street of Literary Houses

Past Presidents

Titanic: A Century Beneath the Waves

Families Are Complicated

The Medieval World

Thrillers: Quick, Quick, Slow

Novels about Child Exploitation

Tales of the Future, the Past and a Brave Little Girl

A Slew of Sleuthing

Heartwarming Novels