Baby names you don’t hear anymore

We deal with a lot of names at the newspaper. That includes newborns. And today there are a lot of Britneys, Aidans (both of these spelled about four different ways), Emmas, and Tylers. But many of the grand old names from the past have fallen into the well of forgetfulness. Let’s start a list of names you never hear babies being named anymore. (Except for the offspring of various Hollywood-celebrity types.) Here are a few:


Maxine, Beverly, Doris, Marilyn
Ruth, Hazel, Suzanne, Irene, Mary
Esther, Louise, Estelle, Geraldine
Wilburta, Alberta, Roberta, Bertha
Gladys, June, Phyllis, Edna, Mabel
Florence, Betty, Patsy, Blanche, Josephine
Mildred, Gertrude, Pearl, Opal (and most of the jewels)
Rose, Iris (and most of the flowers), Elsie, Bessie
Charity, Prudence (and most of the virtues)
Shirley, Ann, Margaret, Peggy, Priscilla,
Nellie, Ernestine, Thelma, Wanda, Wilma
Lavinia, Myrtle, Lottie, Viola, Ethel
Hortense, Heidi, Lillian, Caroline, Jean
Anita, Jane, Rita, Frances, Bernadette
Daphne, Sylvia, Helen, Maureen, Lorraine
Lena, Clara, Kathleen, Nadine, Denise
Barbara, Dinah, Patricia, Christine, Dell
Beatrice, Eugenia (other than the princesses)
Rosemary, Laverne, Tallulah, Joan


Herbert, Wendell, Wilbur, Edgar, Cornelius
Egbert, Harold, Morton, Fred, Burt
Luther, Lloyd, Clarence, Dwight, Marvin
Carl, George, Norman, Ralph, Walter
Theodore, Millard, Willard, Woodrow, Chester
Abraham, Rufus, Ernest, Simon, Louis
Franklin, Jeremy, Raymond, Donald, Francis
Douglas, Bradford, Silas, Victor, Conrad
Gerard, Calvin, Martin, Dennis, Albert
Sebastian, Henry, Harvey, Everett, Malachi
Gregory, Arnold, Albert, Frank, Edmund
Maurice, Craig, Stanley, Gene, Eugene
William, Harry (other than the princes)
Barry, Sidney, Robin, Lawrence, Peter, David,
Thomas, Willie, Clyde, Vernon, Roger
Vincent, Perry, Alistair, Gordon, Homer

OK. There’s a beginning list. Can you add to it?

10 Responses to “Baby names you don’t hear anymore”

  1. arjadi says:

    Agatha, Agnes, Lulu, Louise, Luella… Blame the Borden cow for killing Elsie (and Bessie, her sister ) but imagine the guts it took to go through life known as Hortense. On the men’s side of the room … Hubert, Elmer, Aloysius, Leo, Stanley, Dwight (totally beyond redemption now thanks to “The Office.”)

  2. Mary Louise says:

    I’m going to add to my own list: Melanie and Bonnie (from GONE WITH THE WIND)

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  4. Vivian says:

    This was fun!

  5. Christina says:

    Whoops I did that wrong…lol was trying to ad the name nelson, Marshall, Charly, Kevin and Vivian & Iva

  6. jay says:

    gunner, julian, bruce, deloris

  7. Ashlee says:


  8. pixie j says:

    Well, here are some more girls’ names – Maud, Ivy, Bertha, Daphne, Mabel… Doris, Mavis, Valerie, Diane, Kay, Myra, Shirley, June, Janice, Elsie, Janet, Jean, …
    and some boys’ names – Cyril, Walter, Alfred, Egbert

  9. pixie j says:

    Some more….Yvonne, Linda,…. Christine,.. Gloria, Cheryl, Evelyn, Eileen,….. Angela, ….Sheila, Sandra…. Anne….Irene…Matilda..Erica…Euphemia (Fay) …Eunice, Enid, Ethel- (ugh, the worst)

  10. pixie j says:

    Carol…Dinah.. Delia…Karen…Cheryl..Shona..Sharon…Maureen….Nan…
    Marcia..Sindy….and ….Diana – which didn’t even make a comeback in the 80’s despite the population going gaga over the late Princess Diana.