Labradoodle, or Portuguese Water Dog?

Apparently, the Obamas have narrowed down their choice of puppy to two breeds of hypoallergenic-type dogs:





the Labradoodle

(above and at right)











Portuguese Water Dog

(at left and below)





Any opinions?

Update, 4/13/09: Bo’s here!

27 Responses to “Labradoodle, or Portuguese Water Dog?”

  1. Erica says:

    The American Kennel Club is urging him to get the water dog to promote purebreds. But that seems to defeat the purpose of promoting awareness of shelter dogs, doesn’t it?

    I hope he goes with whichever one wins the hearts of Malia and Sasha, because that is always the best choice.

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  3. Joyce says:

    Goes with either or so long as the girls love him and he loves the girls!!!

  4. Cat says:

    i say go with the portuguese water dog. Labradoodles shouldn’t have been created.

  5. Samantha says:

    i have a question…how much would a puppy cost at average(puretuguese water dog)they really r beautiful and if i get a puppy they would do great with the other dogs i have
    thankyou so much

  6. Sharon says:

    I love the fun loving dog of the Labradoodle, he loves children and would make a wonderful pet for the Obama girls.

  7. Allison says:

    I adopted a dog from a humane society that was billed as a labradoodle. He has dwarfism and we have had 2 surgeries to help correct his leg. The vet asked me if he was possibily a Water Dog. We are now wondering if indeed he is a water dog. He is black, has a white spot on his chest, and his legs are shorter than he is long, he pants a log, and is the most incredible dog… It really doesn’t matter, I just like to be accurate in representing which breed he is.

  8. CGL says:

    I think I’m likin’ the Porteguese Water Dog. But if Malia and Sasha like the Labradoodle, I’m cool with that. We got a poodle, and before we knew that she was a standard poodle, we thought she was a labradoodle.

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  10. K.E. Cowdin says:

    It is an adorable breed.(PWD) Why not a pure bred? In Ca. They are trying to neuter every dog, there won’t be purebreds, or any dogs. KNowing the background and temprament of your family pet is the first step to having a new family member that will be loved and cherished its whole life.
    I am partial to Bassets.(adorable and very trainable-but need committment!)

  11. julie finch says:

    we have a multi gen labradoodle and you could not ask for a better dog. he is so special, his temperment is fantastic and he is such a character , great the fact he does not shed fur aswell. we called him sydney and he is adorable with all children.

  12. Jeri says:

    I just want people to care about and love all dogs, purebreed or not. I think the PWD is darling…I would have preferred that the Obamas had gotten a rescue…but, one article I read says that Bo is kinda sorta a rescue…his first home didn’t work out, so the Obama’s are his re-home family. Just, please, everyone, love and look out for all critters!

  13. marilyn says:

    the readers need to know that the labradoodle mix is a good thing
    they came out of australia for a need
    handicapped folks that also have allergies and could not have the traditional dogs

  14. Jack says:

    The Obamas DID adopt a rescue dog. Bo is an “owner surrender.” That’s why it’s six months old.

  15. Amanda says:

    I love all animals and types of dogs but prefer the PWD just because I own one. We used to have a Wheaton Terrier but he became ill and died at a very young age. Althought PWD are probably one of the most adorable puppies and dogs around, don’t let their looks fool you. My baby is almost four and she still had the energy of a puppy! It’s taken her a long time to settle down. Goes on 3-4 walks a day and constantly begs for attention and play time! The Obama will be fine because their kids and young and will most likely love playing with the dog. And lets be honest, I’m sure they will have the best trainers and there will ALWAYS be someone on hand to look after the dog. However, if you are regular folk ;) and are at work all day and kids at school. don’t get a PWD. Go for something that can entertain itself and relax! Those are my suggestions.

    I find it funny.. all the hype this ‘Bo’ is getting. There are posers of the dog on twitter. Several actually.
    Chloewaterdog, a fellow PWD on twitter refers to the dog as “Boboma” I thought that was sort of cute when I read it the other day.

    So Bobama it is. Can’t wait to watch the news tomorrow. Looks like a lovely dog!

  16. Rohni says:

    Hello not dog

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  18. Bill says:

    Please let me kow where you got the picture of the litter shown above – I think I know one of those dogs!

  19. bonnie bloomfield says:

    i got a 7 year old Portie Pure Bred Rescue. He was the most awesome dog i ever had. Lived to be 14 and was still very puppy like until the last three months. They are very vetry high energy dogs that require on-going training and to always respect their owners as the pack leaders or they will walk all over you. Our Humane Socielty had a Purebred Portie for adoption only a couple of years ago. he was only 8 months old. We have only done rescue animals (we call them our used pets) and we have had several purebreds and many different species – all someone others did not want anymore. A hedgehog; bunnies; an abused and starved Red tail Boa; Gerbils; Degus; etc. Right now we have three cats, one Chincilla, three fish and three dogs. all the dogs are mixed breeds but beautiful. they are all curly haired as i am allergic to regular hair on dogs. Any dog deserves a home where thay are respected and trained. Right now we are babysitting my daughter’s 8 month old boxer and a friend’s chiuawa. It is interesting to watch these two trying to find their place in the pack and play with everyone. this is a crazy house right now.

  20. very good, thank youu

  21. Adriana says:

    The PWD is a recognised, pure bred, hypo allergenic non shedding breed. The Labradoodle is NOT a recognised pure bred breed. You are taking a Labrador (shedding) and a PWD and mixing the too. Where is the guarantee that you’ll get a non shedding, hypo allergenic dog? The PWD’s quality far exceeds any other breed.

  22. tova says:

    Well, the Obamas made their choice…. but the qustion asked: It wil be much of the same, sort of, as PWD is a very old breed(older than working with portuguese fishermen) and that poodles and labradors have genes fro The PVD. i.e Originally the poodles was “french waterdogs” as to speak. The temperament, intelligens and need for activity is therefore much of the same.

    Except the labradoodles is in no way sure to have the one layer of hair / fur, as you are sure to have with an “original” PWD.

    The Obamas wanted a dog who is hypoalergenetic, did,n they?

    Then they have to go for a PWD.

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  24. TatterSalad says:

    While I agree in principle with supporting the acquisition of ‘rescued’ dogs, I cannot do this to the exclusion of ‘well-bred’ dogs. Note: in the cities it is the poor that cannot afford to have their dogs properly neutered or spayed; therefore, the puppies being produced (and found in the kennels) are MUCH LESS than well bred. They are tending to be predominantly pit-mixes, and show multiple issues going into adulthood. Chiuaua, Min-Pins, Labraddoodles, ALL have issues, particularly the smaller breeds. Yellow labs (Yelllow-lab mixes) tend towards skin issues and tumors. Pits and Pitmixes (with labs) seem to be a mix that does well, although I’ve seen hip/joint issues. Dogs with light blue eyes have eye issues.
    The ‘Obama’ dog popularity has pushed the price of (pure bred) Porties off the charts; these are high energy ‘working’ dogs, and their fur is NOT at all easily maintained (flea combed’ groomed etc.) as is any short haired breed or met (think: Lab).
    For ‘brains’ in a dog, think: Australian Sheppard, Border Collie, Full Size Poodle, and then a list of dogs that includes red-nosed pit and Porties.

  25. alene robinson says:

    we are an elderly couple and was wondering if a portoguese water dog would
    be a good choice fo us.

    what would be a reasonable price to pay?
    Thank You,
    Alene Robinson

  26. jillers says:

    No, the PWd is a very high energy dog requiring lots of attention and needing to be walked/excersided a few times a day. They require weekly, hard brushing requiring haircuts every 6-8 month costing on average $65.00. They are expensive even when they are not the show dog type around 2,000 on average these days.

    I love my PWD in that they are really special loving dogs but I had no idea how much work they would be until I had one. I have very bad allergies and that is why I considered this dog. Never had any isues with my allergies.

  27. Peter Shaun says:

    Labradoodle dogs are not only good companions but also good watchdogs. They are very easy to train being very intelligent.