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Who(m) do you love?

In the eternal battle for pop-culture geek supremacy (Marvel vs. DC, Star Wars vs. Star Trek, Twilight Zone vs. Outer Limits, and so on), two questions reign supreme:



Veronica or Betty? Veronica Lodge (left) is the spoiled, rich heiress and Betty Cooper is the middle class gal with the heart of gold. Both duel perennially over freckle-faced Archie Andrews (center) — and all three seem intent on contracting meningitis by drinking from the same cup.


And …  Mary Ann or Ginger? Mary Ann (left) is the down-home country gal, and Ginger, the sophisticated movie star. Neither is particularly interested in Gilligan (center) from the venerable TV show, Gilligan’s Island, and to be fair, he never seems to pursue either of them, leading some to speculate that he’s chasing that cougar, Mrs. Howell, or — more radically — he’s into the Skipper.

My picks, by the way, are Veronica and Mary Ann. What about you?

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  1. on 18 Aug 2010 at 1.Steve Wiandt said …

    Betty and Mary Ann. Can I do married characters, too? Between Wilma and Betty, I pick Betty; however, between Alice and Trixie, I’m gonna go with Alice.

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