Family life 31 May 2010 10:02 pm

Anatomy of a deck

My wife and I finally got around to havingĀ a deck built in our backyard. Here are photos taken each morning (or every couple of mornings, allowing for the inevitable Ohio rain) to show the progress. I am posting these from the newly built deck, where — as a bonus — wireless Internet is available. (And, no, I’m not siphoning off the neighbors; I’m connecting to my own network, thank you.)

My only contribution to the cause was writing the checks and power-washing the finished product.






2 Responses to “Anatomy of a deck”

  1. on 31 May 2010 at 1.Ron said …

    Nice deck, but now I see a picket fence that needs painted to match… it never ends.

  2. on 01 Jun 2010 at 2.Chris said …

    I knew I should have cropped that lone picket out of the final shot!

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