Media & technology 19 Jan 2010 10:25 pm

Talk like a dragon


I found a great app for the iPhone called Dragon Dictation. It captures the user’s voice and pastes it into text messages, so that messages can be spoken instead of typed. I was skeptical because my last experience with voice-recognition software was less than promising; it didn’t convert for squat. To be fair, this was about five or six years ago. Dragon Dictation is much, much better. As long as I take the time to enunciate clearly, it easily converts my speech into text. When I am finished recording, I can edit the spelling and punctuation to my heart’s content. Best of all, the app is free.

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  1. on 11 Feb 2010 at 1.Cassandra Dalton said …

    Why ‘dragon’ dictation? According to most stories (except Grendels) the dragon’s are unintelligent, but this seems very intelligent.

    But maybe (like Grendel’s dragon) this one knows what your going to say before you say it.

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