Media 24 Apr 2007 07:25 pm

Post-Sanjaya letdown

I must admit, I miss Sanjaya on “American Idol.” He was a twisted little cat, with his wacky hairstyles and, uh, singular takes on a number of pop and rock standards. The Kinks may never sound the same to me again after my ears were assaulted by his cover of “You Really Got Me.”

¬†He wasn’t fooling anybody: He really couldn’t sing. Or if he could, he never showed any evidence of it in the weeks he was active in the competiton. But he knew how to play to the audience, both in the studio and watching on TV, and he stretched his fifteen minutes of fame a lot further than anybody thought he would.

This week, the first in the post-Sanjaya era, I find myself wistful for his off-tune crooning. There is just nobody¬† to make fun of anymore, although I hear that he’s appearing on Letterman later tonight. Hopefully, he’ll sing a little something.

Hopefully, it’s nothing by the Kinks.

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  1. on 26 Apr 2007 at 1.Left of Center fan said …

    I understand voting for him was promoted by Howard Stern and others who want to mock him.
    Yes, his songs were very flat.

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