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Scholastic Four


A few years back, I took an educational psychology class where the instructor asked each student to create a metaphor for education. Most students went the food route: “Education is like a box of chocolate chip cookies. The students are the individual ingredients, the classroom is the bowl and the oven, and the finished product is a successful blend of each student’s individual contributions for the betterment of the group.” Then, we would eat the finished product, which my classmates brought as examples.

My metaphor was different. The classroom is like a super-hero group, where each member has his or her own agenda, but somehow joins the others to defeat a common threat or accomplish a goal. I used the classic Fantastic Four #1 as my product. In those dark ages before I became somewhat proficient with Photoshop, I drew my parody on poster board. It took all day. That’s one reason I was miffed that the guy who brought in a box of store-bought cookies received the same grade I did.

I got to thinking about my metaphor recently and decided to re-do it using Comic Life. The results are above. For better or worse, it’s still the way I think about education.

2 Responses to “Scholastic Four”

  1. on 24 Feb 2009 at 1.terry said …

    This is ‘fantastic’! Very creative and true to life.

  2. on 26 Feb 2009 at 2.ron said …

    I just had a run-in with the notorious Injustice League. You know: “Why do you pick on us all the the time? Everyone else is doing worse stuff!”

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