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Bigfoot: I Not Dead


Bigfoot: I Not Dead am written by Bigfoot himself. Bigfoot no am very smart. Him write in childish scrawl, with words run down side of page. Bigfoot mad that once him was much more popular, but now not so much.

In book by Graham Roumieu, which come out next month, Bigfoot ruminate on many topic. It include drug, weirdo neighbors, meet hot chicks in bar and others. Whole book write just like this, but with pictures case you get board.

If me were Roumieu, I worry that critics say “one-trick pony,” cuz last book — “Me Write Book: It Bigfoot Memoir” — kinda sound like this knew one, too. Roumieu am good artist, though. Picture cute.

I glad book were free. Editor receive it mail, take home but bring back. Put in my inbox, say it sound more like something I likes. Should me be offended? Nah, still free.

Want know what make Bigfoot mad? Thought of pay $15 for book write all like this, that could read in like 15 minute. I happy to read for free, but not order it on Amazon (where it only $10.20) or buy in brick-and-mortar store.

Am funny pictures of Bigfoot pooping, though. Ha ha. No buy this book. Stay far way. Trust Bigfoot.

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  1. on 16 Apr 2008 at 1.out at the lake said …

    I did like the drawings but the writing made me crazy! Yours in this voice does too!!
    Glad you thought it was worth a review :)

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