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What do your favorite movies reveal about you?

Are you a passionate maverick? An enlightened healer? An invincible optimist? Go to and find out.

The site offers a personality profile based on your list of ten favorite movies. It wasn’t terribly accurate in pegging me. Because of movie choices like “King Kong,” “Casablanca,” “Star Wars,” “The Maltese Falcon,” and “The Shawshank Redemption,” the site labeled me a chosen adventurer. These types are “brave, daring” and “like to travel the world.” Instead, I am meek, mild and grow uncomfortable when I’m more than 25 miles away from home after dark.

Since I like sci-fi, fantasy, action and adventure films (especially from earlier decades), I was lumped with the Indiana Jones types. I watch movies like this to escape the day-to-day grind; it doesn’t mean that’s the type of person I am.

This is fun. Beware, though, because the site also tries to play matchmaker and connect you with others who share your personality type. I used a fake e-mail address when I registered. It also ties in with a recent book, “Cinescopes” by Risa Williams and Ezra Werb. The site promotes it at every turn. Keep the credit card in your pocket, unless you’re really enamored with the concept.

3 Responses to “What do your favorite movies reveal about you?”

  1. on 31 Jan 2008 at 1.Steve Wiandt said …

    With a list that includes “It’s a Wonderful Life,” “Office Space,” “O Brother,” “Mad, Mad World” and “Cuckoo’s Nest,” my results said I’m a dedicated idealist. It also said I like movies where the hero climbs the corporate ladder while sticking to his integrity, ultimately taking down the man in charge.

  2. on 31 Jan 2008 at 2.Shannon said …

    With a list that includes “Shawshank,” “Signs,” “Pirates,” “The Notebook,” and “Pay it Forward,” it says I’m a Determined Survivor and I love movies about heroes who must overcome personal tragedy and oppression by channeling great inner strength.

  3. on 31 Jan 2008 at 3.Joni said …

    According to my choices, which include mostly comedies, I am an Invincible Optimist and I can make anyone “keel over with laughter.” With my power of positive thinking and upbeat attitude, I am unsinkable even in tough times. I apparently love movies about heroes who march over their adversaries with their comic brilliance and affirmative energy. Interesting.

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