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Who the heck is Chris Schillig?

Every small city and town in America has a guy like Chris Schillig, who eats out of dumpsters behind restaurants and talks to himself in line at Wal-Mart. Every so often, some charitable organization takes him in and tries to make him respectable. It never lasts long.

3 Responses to “Who the heck is Chris Schillig?

  1. on 23 May 2007 at 1.Jeffrey Zupanic said …

    I talk to myself in line at Wal-Mart also…I mean how could you not. The lines are always so long because they only have four of their 26 registers open!

  2. on 06 Nov 2007 at 2.Bill Carli said …

    Jeff is correct. Some suggestions I’d make is to never get in line behind a harried mother with two young kidsdon’t get in aline where it’s obvious that the cashier is the most intelligent person involved in the transaction. Don’t get in line behind someone who is just beginning to take out her checkbook. don’t get in line behind old people who appear to be confused by the credit/debit machine. if someone is a few bucks short, toss the cashier some money. Finally, never get in line behind me-I have the knack of picking the slowest line.I was once in aline so long that a pregnant woman in anothr line went home, gave birth, and her baby came in, got in another line and cashed before I did. it’s gotten to the point where I’m now sympathetic to the shoplifters who walk out without paying-they’re not thieves, thy just don’t want to die at Walmart even if the caskets are on sale.

  3. on 10 Feb 2010 at 3.Cassandra Dalton said …

    For everyone’s convience they have now installed flatscreens at most of your Wal-Mart checkouts. Now you can’t HEAR a person talking to himself.

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