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My print column from last week has some great one-liners from Henny Youngman. You can read it here.

I like stand-up comedy, although I rarely attend comedy clubs or watch comedians on television. Too much material these days is too raunchy for my tastes. I love an off-color joke as much as the next guy, but I like it laced with wit, too. Some of today’s comedians consider dropping obscenities as a substitute for good material. I don’t.

¬†Youngman is from an earlier era of comedy. I like his material. It’s funny on the page, so I can only imagine it was even better when he delivered it live.

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  1. on 25 Sep 2007 at 1.Steve Wiandt said …

    Give me witty over raunchy any day. Remember Bill Cosby’s old records? Those are really funny. And clean, too. Jonathan Winters, another creative, funny guy. To think he was once in a mental hospital. Not hard to believe. Jerry Seinfeld is funny. He’s going to voice a cartoon bee in a movie. Sounds like he’s taking the same path as Arnold Stang or Billy West(Honeynut Cheerios Bee).

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