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Career-specific humor

I was talking with a professional school photographer today, and she told me how she and her co-workers used Photoshop to give a fright-wig hairstyle to the picture of a bald principal. “Photographer humor,” she called it.

This led me to speculate on other professions’ ideas of “humor,” and how people who didn’t have experience in those professions might not find┬áthem funny.

Do White House reporters sit up at night and make up fake, funny quotes for the president? (Not that he needs any help in that department.) Do teachers snicker over daydreams of the hardest test ever, one that would throw even the class Poindexters into a tizzy? Do attorneys giggle over drawings of the judge disrobing?

I wonder what a proctologist would find humorous? If I knew one, I would ask, but maybe he or she would tell me to just butt out.


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  1. on 19 Sep 2007 at 1.Jayne said …

    I think every industry or group has their own brand of humor or inside jokes, just like families can develop their own inside jokes that wouldn’t be funny to anyone else.

    I think the trick is to be aware of it, and also any special acronyms or expressions your company or industry might use that would confuse the general public when dealing with them.

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