Commentary 13 Sep 2007 09:14 pm

Park patrol

So, what’s going on in our Alliance parks?

The cops have been working hard to clean up local park restrooms, and I don’t mean they’ve been painting them or washing the mirrors. They are catching men who are loitering in or near the restrooms, presumably for the purpose of meeting partners.

I support alternative lifestyles, but I do not support what these guys are doing in parks. They are making connections, presumably, for the purpose of casual sex — in their cars, in the woods, or maybe elsewhere.

This is not the purpose of our parks. Parks are places where individuals and families can go to walk, to enjoy nature, and to relax from work and other commitments. People should not feel reluctant to use public restrooms there for fear they will be solicited.

Plenty of places exist in the real world and online for people to schedule liaisons, whether straight or alternative. It shouldn’t happen in our public parks, which are supported by tax dollars for the benefit of all residents, not just a selfish few who attempt to hijack them for their own purposes.

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  1. on 14 Sep 2007 at 1.Shannon said …

    Amen! When you hear the word park, the association should be feeding the ducks, walking the dog or having a picnic…not sex sting operation!

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