The state on ‘Getting Wasted’

Missed this one a couple of months ago, but it’s still noteworthy that a state agency worked the phrase ‘getting wasted’ into a news release…mck

COLUMBUS, April 18, 2007 – Prom and graduation season means spring is here; flowers are popping; and another young life will be wasted in an alcohol-related car crash because some teens just wanted to have fun. Parents, it’s time for you to take action. Do not assume that your teens know what you expect from them. Tell them clearly what they should and should not do. April is Alcohol Awareness Month the perfect time of year to call attention to one of Ohio’s greatest public health threats.

Teens DO listen to what parents say. Remind your teens that they do not need alcohol or other drugs to have fun. Tell them not to get in a car with someone using and tell them to call you at anytime they need a safe ride home, and you will not be mad.

Alcohol is the drug most frequently used by teenagers. It is consumed more often than all other illicit drugs combined and is the drug most likely to be associated with injury or death, high-risk sexual behavior and unwanted pregnancy. Of the nation’s 12 million undergraduates, as many as 360,000 will ultimately die from alcohol-related causes.

Where will your children be this weekend and with whom? Know their friends. Know their plans. Talk to your teens about alcohol and other drug use. You CAN make a difference. To download a parent’s guide and learn more, visit

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