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A reminder: Father Kovac, who now lives in Ohio, still spends too much time watching a certain right-leaning news channel. He stops at my house once a week, usually when I’m not home, and leaves folded pages of notebook paper filled with his opinions on various topics, usually national in nature (and often related to what he’s just watched on television). Though it should be obvious, it’s worth noting that his views do not necessarily reflect the stances, policies, lifestyles, etc., of @OhioCapitalBlog.

Committed Voters

The following groups of voters are all committed to and will vote for your president (B.O.): 1. Those who will or have received unemployment compensation for 99 weeks; 2. Those alleged ‘disabled’ people who previously were rejected but since 2009 were approved to receive disability income from the Social Security trust fund; 3. Those who receive food stamps (14 million more since 2009); 4. Those who receive both free cell phones and those who receive rental subsidies as well as energy subsidies; 5. College students whose unpaid loans still owed after 20 years that will be paid by the government (your tax dollars at work). Since B.O. took office, entitlements have increased at an alarming rate. Additionally, B.O. is dividing us (haves/have nots, rich/poor, etc.) by class warfare. The price of homes has fallen $24,000 (14 percent). Gasoline prices have increased by 114 percent. Debt is quickly approaching $16 trillion. Are you better off now or were you better off in 2008? What will you vote for? What will you vote against? Hope? Change?

Silver Spoon

Your pres (B.O.) has been flaunting that he was not born with a “silver spoon” in his mouth, implying that his opponent, Mitt Romney, was. He proudly and convincingly implies that he is (as a result of that) a better candidate for the presidency and should be reelected because he is the better choice. Obviously, B.O. does not know that George Romney, Mitt’s father, was also not born with a silver spoon in his mouth. He had poor parents. George did earn millions, on his own. George bequeathed millions to Mitt when he did, but Mitt gave the biggest part of his inheritance to his church and his alma mater. Mitt earned his millions in the business world. In my opinion, he is the better man, the better candidate and will be the far better president than B.O. could ever be. Your choice. Same old-same old or Mitt.

Make the Rich Pay More Taxes

Seventy percent of Americans favor taxing the wealthiest Americans more and more and more. Those in favor of this do not know that they have 1) paid taxes on their income when it was in fact income and 2) paid again (capital gains) on the income after it was invested. The truly hypocritical part was recently shown when the PowerBall reached $600-plus million and 90 percent of the 70 percent noted above bought numbers to make themselves wealthy. The winners all acquired CPAs, attorneys and investment specialists to retain their wealth. Moreover, any one of the millions of players who bought lottery tickets would also do the same as the winners. Do you get my drift? We all wanted to win the prize. We all would have done the same as the winners. And believe this: You, mean and all players would not want to be further taxed. Get it now?

The Cost of Gasoline

The price we pay for a gallon of gas has more than doubled since your president (B.O.) took office. This has and will continue to affect every aspect of my life. The president (B.O.) is in denial. He continues to push us into “alternative” fuels. He wants our country to stop using petroleum as our main source of energy. Additionally, he has all but put the coal industry in the position of fighting for its very existence. As a result, electricity prices will continue to increase and follow the same path as gasoline. B.O. is in denial because he declares that we are and have been increasing our petroleum production since he took office (not true). He has in fact limited drilling permits instead and continues to block the Canadian/American pipeline at the U.S./Canadian border. He has “no” power in the building of the pipeline in the United States. Need I say more? Yes! Solutions that B.O. can put into place today that will have an immediate impact are: more drilling; require speculators to actually back future buys with 25-50 percent of the cost (this alone will decrease the cost of a gallon of gas by 15-20 cents); begin utilizing natural gas as the best alternative for petroleum (GM could begin developing vehicles that use natural gas); allow the private market to develop and pay for research and development of solar, wind, water, algae, etc., energy instead of the taxpayers; and allow the coal industry to once again power our electricity. If B.O. had allowed drilling when he became president, we would be well on our way to oil independence. Instead, he is in denial in his pursuit to do away with fossil fuels. I think that I could do a better job than both B.O. and his energy czar. So could many others.

Separation of Powers

Your president (B.O.) has just attacked the U.S. Supreme Court by stating that if the highest court in our land overturns Obamacare, he deems them judicial activists and not following the separation of power system that our country has followed since its inception. How can a Harvard teacher, an academic teaching constitutional law (B.O.), be so blatantly misinformed? The Supreme Court is a check/balance on ensuring that the constitution is followed. Obamacare will be found unconstitutional, period, end of discussion. In my opinion, B.O. is more than just naive. He is a fabricator, a manipulator, a cunning, self absorbed, self centered ego maniacal individual, full of you know what. Keep the rhetoric (B.O.). Divid and conquer. Hope and change. You can do it.

Fair Share, Fair Part, Fair??

Your president (B.O.) continues to preach that all Americans should pay our fair share of taxes, i.e. federal income tax. Why? So he and Congress can spend (moreover, over-spend) and add to our $15.2 trillion national debt. Numbers (if you can trust them) furnished by the IRS indicate that 49.5 percent of Americans do not pay any federal income tax. Sounds like 49.5 percent of us, including me, are not paying our fair share. I disagree. Why? Because it is an income tax. I do not earn any income. Additionally, I have paid income taxes for approximately 50 years. I now live on annuity, IRA and Social Security benefits. I am retired. Guess what else? I receive a few dollars over the limit established, which does not allow me to receive any other dollars from the Feds. I refer to food stamps, rental subsidies, telephone subsidies, etc. Your president has succeeded in turning 50 percent of you against me. Class warfare, and it appears to be working.

p.s. I pay enough taxes on gasoline, telephones and other taxable items. In my opinion, we have a great country and a moron for a president, as well as 50 percent of you.

They Want More Money?

Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac. The institutions that B.O. has already given $150 billion to bail them out, that is now paying $100 million defending their corrupt mis-managers in defense attorney fees, who actually are a large part of the reason our economy hit bottom in 2009… they want an additionally $5 billion more in bail out dollars. The feds became regulators of the two organizations before granting them the original bailout that was given to them. If I remember correctly, isn’t this the company that gave the above noted executives big bonuses, then pushed them out the doors, and aren’t they the same above noted mis-managers who are paying $100 million in attorney fees, which continues to amount to more in the future? They were a private company prior to receiving the bailout. Now they continue to ask for your tax dollars. Will it never end?

p.s. Their outstanding receivables still contain bad debt dollars that have not been expensed. The housing crisis will continue for this decade and maybe longer.

Differing Mixes of Gasoline

I drive a 2006 Saturn Ion 2. I have owned/leased over 50 cars during my driving live (68 years). I drove this specific car in Texas and moved to Ohio in 2008. In Texas, my gas mileage was as follows:
• Fall/Winter: 25-27 miles per gallon
• Spring/Summer: 23-25 miles per gallon
• City Driving: 24-28 miles per gallon
• Highway Driving: 30-37 miles per gallon.
After moving to Ohio during the fall and winter of 2008-09, my mileage in the city dropped to 18-22 mpg, and highway to 28-25 mpg. I asked several sources if the mix of gasoline was different in different parts of the country. There are different regulations for gasoline all across the country. Different requirements in Texas, Ohio, New York, California, which adds to the cost of every gallon.Why? Environmentalists. I learned that if there was just one standard for all states, that price would be lowered by an average of one dollar. Your president (B.O.) could lower the price of gasoline in one swoop of his pen, yet he and his supporters will not do this due to his alliance with environmental groups. His energy czar stated that he would like to see the price in line with European costs so that consumers would then agree with switching from petroleum-based energy to green energy and stop using fossil fuels. As a result, no drilling anywhere in the U.S., no transcontinental pipe lines, no relief. Do you get it now? This is the kind of hope and change you voted for. Now you can pay for it. Vote for B.O. again.

What Happened to John Daley?

White House Chief of Staff has been demoted to working on your president’s (B.O.) reelection campaign. He has been replaced by Jack Lew. Seems that Valerie Jarrett and David Axelrod wanted Daley removed (ousted) since he was an advocate for working with the opposition. He was also against “class warfare.” John Daley (Chicago’s own) works quietly. He always has. He is a reasonable person who stresses compromise. He has now learned that B.O. does not. Fact of the matter is that B.O. gets things done his way, e.g. appointments made while Congress is in recess. Appointments that would not have been approved via regular channels. Watch what happens between now and Election Day. Lies, half-truths, innuendoes, etc. Keep throwing everything against the wall and some will stick. Keep emphasizing lies as truth and eventually it will be believed. Your president and his closest advisers will lead you down the same path. Out of control government.

The Bain System

Capitalism at Work. Mitt Romney was CEO of this venture capital firm for close to 10 years. What the firm did was to acquire private firms on the verge of closing their doors, then attempting to change their direction and making them profitable companies again. Unfortunately, approximately 25-30 percent of these troubled entities could not be salvaged and they did fail, but not for lack of trying. Fortunately, 70-75 percent were saved and many are still in existence today and are making a profit. That’s capitalism. There will be some who fail, there will be more who succeed. That’s capitalism, the best system in the world.

p.s. Check with Greece, Italy, Portugal, Spain, Etc. How did their systems do? If they had it to do over, would they choose capitalism?


Last year, I delved into your president (B.O.) and his decision to finance offshore drilling in Brazil by lending a specific company (in which George Soros is heavily invested) more than $2 billion. In fact, B.O. uttered the following after closing the deal: “We will be your best customer.” I interpreted his words to mean that the U.S.A. would benefit from this loan because Brazil would reciprocate by selling us petroleum at a reasonable rate. Guess what? Brazil just signed a long-term contract with (not the U.S.A.) but China. Who would have thunk? I did. That’s why I wrote about the subject. How does it feel? Watch for B.O.’s spin. How about B.O. rejecting Canadian oil? Refusing to build the pipeline between Canada and the U.S.A.? Go figure.

Passion in Politics

The pundits on Fox Cable News who are supposedly above questioning since they are the most viewed news channel continue to state that Mitt Romney must be more passionate, more demonstrative in his presentations/debates/etc. Me, I think these pundits are full of it, not limited but including themselves. Me, I am very passionate about how our country is changing. Values, morals, traditions, education, etc. I do not live in the past, nor do I forget the past. I have learned from the past. I have made many mistakes. However, these pundits are completely wrong. Passion and politics do not mix. It is my opinion that passion is personal. Passion involves family and friends, not presidents or senators or congressmen. That’s why Congress is not working. Get rid of the passion, use reason, logic and the Constitution to govern.

Presidential Candidates

Seems to me that there is a big to-do concerning the wealth of Mitt Romney, i.e. how wealthy he is. Some say he inherited it. Some say he stole it. Some say he earned it. Many Americans think that it is a bad thing to be wealthy. I do not. Consider this: All of the candidates are millionaires. Even the sitting president (B.O.) is a millionaire. So what? I think that your president (B.O.) is the worst president in our history. I also happen to believe that Mitt Romney is the best candidate for president, that he can do away with Obamacare, stop wasteful spending and improve the state of our economy. Why? Because he has done it in the private arena and because he is not a Washington insider. You voters need to choose. Do you want the same old, same old or do you want what we once had?

Buy a Chevy Volt!

Your president (B.O.) wants to give all Volt buyers a $10,000 credit to be applied to the purchase of the car. B.O. wants Congress to approve $100 million in his budget to boost sales for this vehicle. You, the taxpayers, will provide the money to do this. The Volt has been a flop. A failure. Now your president wants you to subsidize this vehicle, to pay $10,000 toward the purchase of it. His budget, among other things, includes continued unemployment benefits for those still unemployed, another program that is a failure. Why would anyone who has received 99 weeks of unemployment compensation and will get another 99 weeks even consider going back to work? His budget is filled with false suppositions. In other words, lies. His budget will increase the debt another $1.2 trillion. Happy days are here again!

Federal Deficits?

The country’s budget office has now stated that the deficit for us will be $1.1 trillion for this fiscal year, which ends Sept. 30. Moreover, the budget office projects the same deficit for the coming several years. Since your pres (B.O.) took office, he has not presented his budget, nor has the Senate presented their budget. The House has in fact presented their budget all of these years. Why? Because B.O. and the Democratic-controlled Senate wants to continue to spend as long as they can. And they have been doing exactly that during the past three years. They attempt to justify that by citing the fact that President Bush increased the country’s deficit by $5 trillion for the eight years he served. They also cite that B.O. has increased it that very same amount. However, they do not state that this increase came for only three years.Therefore, Bush is to blame, since B.O. only did the same as Bush. Great logic! Hope, change, you did it!

p.s. B.O. does not present a budget because a budget would show how much he really wants to spend. No budget, no audit trail, no responsibility (since Bush did it).

Choosing the Best Candidate

Romney, Santorum, Gingrich or Paul? Your choice. First, I choose my candidate based on his positions on the issues. Second, I choose my candidate based on what he did in the past. Third, I choose my candidate based on his accomplishments. I do not choose my candidate based on his race, religion or marital status. I do not choose my candidate based on appearance, wealth or whether or not he has changed positions on certain issues. I vote for the best candidate. How do the candidates noted above fare in my choice?

Ron Paul: Has been a congressman for 23 years. He has sponsored 600-plus bills. One of his bills passed. In a speech, he advocated that 9-11 occurred because of the U.S. stance in the Mideast.

Newt Gingrich: He was the Speaker who sponsored the contract for America. He helped President Clinton to balance the budget, lobbied for Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac (the main reason for our poor economy and loss of jobs) and he forgot to qualify for the Republican primary in his home state.

Rick Santorum: He pushed union agenda in his term as a senator, forgot to qualify for the Republican primary in Virginia.

Mitt Romney: Saved U.S. Winter Olympics after taking over an almost bankrupt entity and turning them into a profitable entire that continues to thrive today. Took over failing businesses and did so by a 70 percent-30 percent success ration.

Your choice.

p.s. There is not, nor has there ever been, the perfect candidate. Who is best qualified, best suited to change our failing economy?

p.p.s. For the first time in American history, the U.S. government owes more in debt than the entire U.S. economy creates. And still your pres (B.O.) requests the record debt limit now in effect be raised by over a trillion dollars?

8.3 percent Unemployment in January

Hooray-Hooray-Hooray! Great news! Unemployment is decreasing. Good news for your pres (B.O.). Or is it? What do you think? Me thinks something smells wrong in the U.S.A. For one thing, those of the unemployed who just stopped looking for a job and are still unemployed are not counted in that 8.3 percent. Millions of workers are in that category. They are happy to continue receiving unemployment compensation that your pres. continues to give. Why should they look? B.O. just included more weeks of unemployment compensation in his 2013 budget. Keep paying them. You work. You pay them. You think 8.3 percent is great? What a great, generous person each of you working stiffs are. I love each and every one of you. And I did not even get unemployment compensation. True unemployment is between 15-20 percent. You are being led down the path of deception. Hope. Change. Not only could you do it, you did it!

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  1. Marc,

    Could you tell me if you know which county(s) in Ohio are the neck in neck “must win” for the president’s reelection? I plan on coming to Ohio to help get out the vote for president Obama! Having trouble determining which Ohio field office might need extra volunteers the most.

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