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Kasich and Coleman

Gov. John Kasich and Columbus Mayor Michael Coleman at a ceremony marking the beginning of work on the Reeb Avenue Center, a facility that will provide job training, education, day care and a variety of other services to residents. Kasich said the project could serve as a model for helping the needy nationwide.

Voter Photo ID

State Rep. Matt Lynch (R-Geauga County) announces a discharge petition to force a floor vote on legislation requiring a photo ID to vote. Press conference at the Ohio Statehouse included comments from GOP Reps. Becker, Adams and Brenner and the Ohio Christian Alliance’s Chris Long. And here, Gary Daniels from the ACLU of Ohio and…

Trumbull County Democrats

Attorneys Jeffrey Goodman and H. Gilson Blair and Trumbull County Democratic Party Chairman Dan Polivka speak to reporters after the party’s state executive committee voted to investigate whether the Trumbull board and Polivka broke state and national bylaws by taking secret ballots on an interim county commissioner. And here’s Ohio Democratic Party Chairman Chris Redfern…

Common Core Support

William McCallum, a distinguished professor of mathematics at the University of Arizona who was involved in development Common Core standards in math, testifies in support of the Common Core during a hearing before the Ohio House’s Rules and Reference Committee, which is considering a repeal of the standards. Paul Imhoff, superintendent of the Upper Arlington…