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RIP Loren Eberly:

ORRVILLE — Loren Elvin Eberly, 82, of Orrville, formerly of Sterling, died Monday, July 22, 2013, at Aultman Orrville Hospital in Orrville, after a sudden illness.

Loren was born on Jan. 27, 1931, in Dalton, to the late Ralph and Fannie (Hilty) Eberly and married Martha St. John on Nov. 29, 1964, in Orrville. She survives.

He served in the U.S. Army, and was a truck driver and diesel mechanic for Kaplan & Spector Trucking for 25 years. He retired in 1975.

Loren was a member of AMVETS and was a life member of VFW Post 3446 in Orrville. He enjoyed political action and wrote often to anyone in office from the president of the United States to the local city council. He was determined to make the world a better place for his children and grandchildren.

Surviving in addition to his wife are a daughter, Nancy Belle (Kevin) Mangus of Willow Spring, N.C.; a son, Kenneth (Brenda) Eberly of Akron; grandchildren Jennifer (Tuck) Brady, Lisa Roudenbush and Chris Roudenbush; great-grandchildren Shane Belle and Chris Bunting; a brother, Elmer; a sister, Ellen; and a niece, Loretta.

He was preceded in death by a sister, Ruth.

Services will be today (Thursday), July 25 at 1 p.m. at Auble Funeral Home in Orrville, with the Rev. Bradley Dews officiating.

Friends may call today (Thursday) one hour prior to the services at the funeral home. Online registry and expressions of condolence may be made at

Memorials may be made to VFW Post 3446, 430 W. Market St., Orrville 44667.

I’ve been asked on more than one occasion about Loren Eberly, one of the prolific posters on The Capital Blog. You can read his views at the bottom of just about every entry that appears. I know Mr. Eberly from my days as a reporter at The (Wooster) Daily Record. He lives in Wayne County and has run for local office several times in the past. 

Here’s a profile I wrote on him before the primaries in 2004:

Courtesy of

Election: Eberly doesn’t shy
away from speaking his mind


WOOSTER On the surface, Loren Eberly seems gruff and obstinate and unrelenting in his efforts to convert Wayne County residents to his views of democracy, natural law and capitalism.

But underneath his rough exterior, Eberly really is gruff and obstinate and unrelenting and proud of it.

“I never been a nice guy,” said Eberly, who is campaigning as a write-in candidate for commissioner in next month’s primary. “I’ve always had a bad attitude and I’ll stick up for it, too.”

Eberly is the lone write-in among a field of a dozen candidates seeking the Republican and Democratic nominations for two commissioner seats, to be decided during the November general election.

He knows he has an uphill battle ahead, convincing enough voters to write his name on their ballots to outpace incumbent Commissioner Cheryl Noah and challenger Kevin Power.

“I’m not going to buy the election,” he said.

Eberly is a complex man with varied interests. He’s a Teamster who ranks the late former President Richard Nixon as one of the nation’s top chief executives.

He said he’s never read a book but takes an avid interest in newspapers and magazines.

He said he doesn’t take vacations and doesn’t own a compact disc player.

His favorite television program is “Dharma & Greg,” which is described by ABC-TV as focusing on “a free-spirited yoga instructor with an incredible knack for looking on the bright side” and “a conservative, Harvard-educated attorney” who “married on their first date” and “have remained committed to each other from day one, despite the obstacles presented by the world around them.”

“I go for that,” Eberly said. “That’s the best thing that’s been on TV in years.”

Eberly’s main interests since retiring (he worked as a truck driver and operated a diesel engine shop) are writing, talking and sharing his ideas.

Eberly doesn’t shy away from confrontation. Wayne County Commissioner Fred Cannon said Eberly has been asked to get to the point or sit down during past public meetings.

Eberly isn’t fazed by naysayers.

“They can’t intimidate me, and they can’t hurt my feelings,” he said.

Eberly recalled his school years, when he was pulled aside by a composition teacher and asked why he was failing the class while carrying A’s and B’s in other subjects. His response was that teachers didn’t accept his written ideas, so he didn’t bother.

He’s more than made up for any writing void that existed in his younger days. As founder and head of the Coalition of Law Abiding, Discriminated Against, Tax Paying Slaves Inc. (online at, he has inked dozens of articles and columns and letters to the editor espousing his world views.

“I’ve been on that for years,” he said.

Wading through Eberly’s terminology takes some time and effort; he has posted a “glossary” on his Web site explaining what he means by different terms.

“Natural law,” for example, “is what Mother Nature, God, or Whatever decreed to be the reality of the real world,” according to the site.

Meanwhile, capitalism “demands that everyone live on wages or profit from an independent business and use the designated, common, monetary, denominator, money to identify the agreed-to value of the buyer and seller in a free, competitive, market.”

Columns he’s written refer to “political pork,” “the mob,” “slick holy hucksters” and so forth.

But Eberly’s core message doesn’t seem too far out of mainstream political thought he’s pushing for a more affordable environment and for everyone (businesses, government entities, individuals, etc.) to pay their fair share. No one should be forced to subsidize the unrealistic lifestyle choices of others.

“I want future generations to have the same opportunities I had,” he said.

Trillions of dollars of government debt and minimum-wage earners who have to borrow to subsist are a couple of examples of how residents have chosen to defy reality.

“No one understands that or everyone defies that reality,” he said, adding later, “Complying with reality’s demands will fix every ill in America.”


  1. Hopefully Union workers, consumers, taxpayers, and Americas grandchildren’s children aren’t holding their breath. Until volunteers without wages, nonunion parasites, corporations, farmers, businesses, outsourcer sweatshops, and nonprofit, tax-exempt, organizations comply with realities demands. They market the cost in the wholesale and retail price of his or her product and service. Of every workers, consumers, and taxpayers living (including pension and health care). Enabling parents to love, discipline, protect, and provide, for every child (job) they conceive and fund schools, infrastructure, national security, government services, and etc.; with money derived from wages or independent business profit.

  2. It is a shame that Media, The Justice System, Slick Holy Hucksters that live on nonprofit, tax exempt donations and Investors and stockholders in the Illegal Drug Business, Business owners stockholders, Enron stockholders, Bulls on Wall Street, Hillarys, Wal-Mart stockholders, and foreign and domestic investors (money marketers) that market more stock dividends (money) quarterly. In the wholesale and retail price of every product and service Homo sapiens use for life. That gets only product or service. To measure and maintain the strength and growth of this unaffordable economy and prove that only money has value. Do NOT support Microsoft Internet Explorer displaying on the Internet.

  3. FDR Social Security Plan and Obama care:

    FDRs Social Security plan defies USA Labor Law, The Constitution, and demands of Natural Law: what Mother Nature, God, or Whatever Power decreed to be the reality of the real world, democracy, capitalism, the US Constitution, and free, fair, and affordable commerce and common sense demands.

    Demanding every Business Owner and their Stockholders, corporation, farmer, business, outsourcer sweatshop, and nonprofit, tax-exempt, organization and Church; markets the cost in the wholesale and retail price of his or her product and service; of every worker, consumer, and taxpayer’s wages (union contract), healthcare, pension, investment and independent business profit.

    This enables every worker, consumer, and taxpayer to pay healthcare insurance premium or pay healthcare provider. Pay ALL taxes and pay for every product and service they use for life. With money derived from wages, investment profit, and independent business profit.

    And enables every parent to educate, love, nurse, nurture, discipline, protect, and provide; for every child (job) they conceive. And fund schools, infrastructure, local and national security, government services, and etc.; with money derived from wages, investment profit, and independent business profit.

    FDRs Social Security plan demands The majority of Us the Government of this Representative Republic that vote and the nonvoters that sit on their dead hands and whine; elect and reelect Obnoxious President, Vice President, Governor, Representatives of US the Government, County Commissioners, Township Trustees, Mayors, City Council, School Administrators and Board Members.

    That hold Union workers, consumers, taxpayers, and America’s grandchildren’s children, Government employees, Parents, Teachers, Veterans, Police, Firemen, and Fathers disqualified for affirmative action with white skin, Representatives deny Collective Bargaining Rights accountable.

    To fund Illegal drug users and Illegal Immigrants, lottery, casino, and keno losers, unemployed Union workers replaced with nonunion workers, Human Traffickers, waitresses that pander for life for $2.00 per hour, slaves in tax abated enterprise zones, low-income child labor, consumers, and taxpayers, volunteers without wages, and nonunion workers willing to work for fewer wages than they can afford life. That pays with welfare checks, food stamps, housing vouchers, and Medicaid.

    Pay for all stimulus packages, tax abatements, tax incentives, tax refunds, tax credit, and tax exemptions.

    Pay sales tax on the more stock dividends (money) OPEC Nations, Enron Stockholders, Wal-Mart Stockholders, Hillarys, Chinese, Foreign and Domestic Investors and Stockholders (money marketers) market quarterly. In the wholesale and retail price of every product and service Human Beings use for life. And School Boards and Government needs to build, maintain and operate schools, infrastructure, and provide local and national security, and Government services. Vendors collect without compensation. That gets only product or service. With money derived from wages, investment profit, and independent business profit.

    Defying USA Labor Law, the Constitution, and Realities demands Makes free, fair, and affordable commerce IMPOSSIBLE; Makes funding schools IMPOSSIBLE; Makes balancing every budget IMPOSSIBLE; Makes Union workers, consumers, taxpayers, and Americas grandchildren’s children life UNAFFORDABLE; and created Ohio’s $1.35 trillion budget deficit, the $40 trillion social security and the $16 trillion national debt. America’s grandchildren’s children are responsible to pay Chinese, Foreign and Domestic Investors and Stockholders interest with this debt until they are 18 years old.

    America’s grandchildren’s children cannot pay this debt with the $7.25 per hour Government mandated labor wage in a hundred million years.

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